Thank God It’s Friday!

Posted by on Oct 5, 2012

I’m sure I’m not on my own here but I really do get that Friday feeling. It reminds me of Fridays at school or the start of the summer holidays. It always felt like an exciting day because the weekend was ahead of you and who knows what that would bring.  What you could be certain of was no more classes for two whole days just the freedom to hang out with your mates, go to the cinema or enjoy a weekend treat from the corner shop.  It was so much simpler wasn’t it in those days and much easier to give yourself over to that Friday feeling?  I can almost hear Alice Cooper singing Schools Out… am I showing my age now?

How things change, which of course they must as an adult. Yet it seems that the edges to what is our working life and our personal life have become blurred. It’s all about this work life balance isn’t it? The boundaries have been lost because of the way we function in a technological society.

Not that long ago working 9 – 5 existed and it was the most common working practice.  You knew where you were with it. When work finished you left it at the door and went home to enjoy your evenings and weekends.  We weren’t all checking our emails and having our phones glued to our sides. Now with modern technology we all do business on the go and can check emails and everything else while we’re feeding the ducks with the kids on a Sunday afternoon.

I think we can all be guilty of getting ourselves into habits that don’t particularly make us happy.  Like always bringing our work home and feeling the need to constantly be connected to the company networks. You need to re-discover your balance, build in time for you and your family.

This takes disciplines and a little planning but the benefits will be far reaching.  You’ll sleep better, won’t have so many headaches or feel so irritable and best of all you’ll have better relationships with your nearest and dearest.  And that’s got to be a good thing.

Look out for my Top Tips for a Work/Life Balance which I will be posting soon in Useful Bits.

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Now for a little Friday treat…here’s Alice Cooper’s fantastic School’s Out For Summer…

Get your air guitar out, you know you want to!

Have a rockin weekend!

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