Stay Focused On Mindfulness

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016

As promised here is another Mindfulness exercise that helps you practice concentration rather than mindfulness itself. We can all do with being able to focus and concentrate more, I know I can.

Exercise 2

This exercise leads on from exercise 1, if you didn’t see it please check it out on my previous blogs.

This is very simple but a great way to begin to train your mind on what you want.

So this time instead of focusing on your breath you begin to focus your attention on counting from one to ten.  As you do this your mind will wander off maybe to a conversation you just had or a shopping list you have been making in your head.

Every time that happens just start again and bring your focus back to counting again, starting each time from the beginning.

It may take a few attempts or you may get it very quickly, it doesn’t matter.