Simple Steps To Motivate You

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014

Do something every day that moves you towards your Goal!


What’s holding you back?

Is it your belief system, something someone said to you once?

Are you sabotaging your plans?  What is your negative self talk?

You are what you think you are

What don’t you like about your self?

Do you really believe you will be successful?

We say negative things to ourselves that we wouldn’t say to anyone else


What motivates you?

Who are your role models? Copy them, do what they do, it works!

Get inspired

What excites you?

Is there pressure in your life or anxiety?


Is your home in order?

Are there things outstanding that weigh on your mind?

Do you need to have a clear out of old stuff?

How are your relationships?


Do you know where you want to be in 10 years, in 5 years, in 1 year, in 3 months

There is magic in writing things down, it puts it out there into the universe.

It also motivates you

It can be a measuring post

You can look at it and remind yourself


What steps can you put in place that move you one step towards your Goal

Make lists for daily tasks, this will help you keep track of your progress

Say no to low priority requests.  Free up more time for yourself

Before you say yes to things, really think about its value and whether you really need to do it

Plan ahead

Don’t get stuck in a holding pattern of never ending short term goals that you never get to finish

Visualise success

Change your mood, talk yourself up, put some music on and dance

Smile.  Its impossible  to be completely miserable when you are smiling, try it!

Reward yourself once you hit the little goals.  Plan what the rewards will be


Feel free to email me with any questions if you’re struggling to get motivated or any other issues.