Motivation and Inspiration

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013

I love this quote by Paulo Coelho, infact I love him as a writer and a thinker!  His words always inspire motivation and inspiration in me. This quote reminds me of another great quote “Fake it till you make it” which is what Paulo is recommending here.  It’s something I so strongly believe in and is what confident people do, actors do it all the time.

Clients I have met, who on the outside  appear to be confident, quite often in reality are really just as nervous and anxious and full of self doubt as the rest of us.  What makes the difference is they have  learnt to control their inner thoughts and internal dialogue.

I teach people to change their internal dialogue and start acting like the person they want to be.  Eventually it becomes second nature and they’re doing it as a habit.

Before you know it you really do start to feel like the confident person you want to be and that gives you the courage to be brave and follow your dreams.  Now wouldn’t that be nice?