Mindfulness, become your own master

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016


Meditation or mindfulness can really keep you to stay grounded. It gives you time out from worrying about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow.

The more you practice the more you quite naturally begin to reset your mind and body to be much calmer and in control.

Research has shown time and time again how practicing some form of meditation or mindfulness can really benefit anyone struggling with depression, anxiety and general day to day worries.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing with you some mindfulness tips and exercises to help you begin your mindfulness journey.

Most people find meditation quite hard, if it was easy we all would have been doing it.  It’s a practice and practice makes perfect.

By starting with just one minute a day to begin with you will be able to instantly feel the benefits and realise that you can do this and transform your life. You just need to take baby steps and begin.

Exercise 1.

Start with one minute of just focusing on your breathing.

Settle yourself down and become still.

Slow your breathing down to a nice comfortable natural pace for you.

Imagine breathing in a colour that calms you and breathing out a colour that represents tension for you leaving your body.  Breathing in calm through your nose and tension out through your mouth.

You can close your eyes or keep them open.

Your mind will get in the way and start wandering off and that’s fine just refocus yourself back to your breathing.

After one minute just notice how you feel. It will give you a quick way of re-setting yourself when anxiety and panic is creeping in.