Childbirth could be one of the most uplifting and joyous events of your life and I offer Easibirthing ® in Kingston to assist you in achieving the best possible experience for you, your partner and your baby .

Your body is fully equipped for birth and knows exactly what to do if you let it.  Your experience and your partners can be empowering with Easibirthing ® also know as Hypnosis for Childbirth and hypno-birthing. Hypnosis will enable  you to be in control of your unique experience and enjoy the kind of birth you and your partner would like.

You emotions, your thoughts and your beliefs have an amazing influence on your body.  There is a whole wealth of evidence out there now showing that how you think during pregnancy and childbirth has a direct effect on the out come of your experience and that of your baby.

Science has proved that anxiety can cause hormonal changes which slows down child birth and even prevents  labour from developing naturally. Muscles tighten when we are anxious and for labour to happen naturally you need to be in the right calm state of mind to allow delivery to happen naturally without medical intervention.  Many women report that after using hypnosis they needed little or no pain relief which makes for a happier baby and a mother who can recover a lot quicker.

It’s not just child birth but also ovulation and conception (IVF included) where hypnosis has been proven to maximise the chances of a natural or assisted conception.

Easibirthing ® was developed along side UK midwives and is the only independently accredited hypnobirthing course in the UK. Easibirthing® is also funded by the NHS in some parts of the country due to the scientific research base of this model that has been tried and tested.

How can Easibirthing® help you

* Reduces anxiety and stress which can effect the foetus. Foetuses are more active when hypnosis is used. (Zimmer, Peretz, Eyal & Fuchs, 1988)

* Length of labour and pushing is reduced and women reported to feel much calmer, less anxiety and able to sleep well. (Jenkins & Pritchard, 1993)

* Pain of labour is significantly reduced because of hypnosis for childbirth and less or no drugs are required. (Lowe, N. 2002)

* bBetween 60% – 79% of women in five different research studies reported non-medicated births with woman who used hypnosis for childbirth. (Harmon, Hynan and Tyre, 1990)

* 81% of breach babies were turned successfully by the mother using hypnosis rather than medical intervention. (Mehl, 1994)

* Hypnosis for childbirth mums saw a figure of 38 out of 45 mums deliver sponateously without any intervention using forcepts or venteuse. (Harmon, Hynan and Tyre, 1990)

* Women using hypnosis for childbirth significantly reduced their risk of developing postpartam depression (postnatal depression), even women who have suffered with depression before the rates were virtually absent. (McCarthy 1998)

* Aids successful breast feeding and can also suppress breast feeding when you choose to stop. (August, 1961; Cheek & LeCron, 1968; Kroger, 1977)

* Babies are calmer and happier after a hypno birth and far more alert. The reduction in anxiety and less need for medication reduces the risk to the baby developing further issues. (Centre for Neuroscience in Women’s Health, 2015)

* Babies Apgar score which determines the babies health immediately after birth is significantly higher. (Harmon, Hynan and Tyre, 1990)

* Partners who learn hypnosis for childbirth are prepared for the birth too with far less anxiety and help maintain positive suggestions and support during labour. (Semple & Newburn, NCT, 2011)

What to expect from Easibirthing ® classes

Easibirthing is very popular and affordable and can be taken any time during your pregnancy but the earlier the better so you enjoy a stress free, relaxed pregnancy.

Workshops are delivered one to one or in groups.  You will be taught a combination of techniques using NLP, hypnosis, breathing techniques  and talking therapies to enable you to train your mind and body to have a positive calm pregnancy and birthing experience.

For an informal chat please contact me:

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