Posted by on Sep 12, 2013

What’s going on on the outside can be an indication of

what’s going on on the inside

Did you know that if your insulin is low then you will start burning belly fat! So what should we do?

Too much sugar including those found in white pasta, white bread etc can start messing up your metabolism. Your hormones become out of sync so they can’t do their job which means fat is stored around your belly.

Overindulging on  sugar causes the insulin resistors to become resistant and they can’t get into your cells to give you energy so end up turning to fat and sitting on your belly.

So remember, sugar causes high insulin levels which means high insulin causes belly fat.

The foods listed below are only a few of the foods that will eliminate sugar cravings and keep your insulin levels low.


Four foods that lower insulin and balance your insulin levels

Water with a squeeze of half a lemon

Leafy greens including al lettuce that is green, not yellow.

Good fats i.e. avocado, almond butter, a handful of almonds (around 12), pumpkin seeds

Protein: increases your metabolic rate which means fat burns easily.

Pumpkin seeds



Greek yoghurt – has good fats and not flavoured.  Most yoghurts have as much sugar as a can of pop!  Chop some berries or other fruits into your yoghurt.


Make slow changes and increase your new habits over time. Make it long term and sustainable.

Each week add on another one of the four items on the list so you can get use to them.

Did you know that it takes 21 days to form new habits, so keep going and it will get easier with time to change your eating habits.


Handy Tip!

Replace carbs in your evening meal at least four times a week.  Bulk up on a variety of veg and maybe a tablespoon of feta cheese sprinkled over the top.

Try roasted butternut squash with just a teaspoon of olive oil or low fat spray.  Bake at 180 for around 30 – 40 minutes.  Half way through cover with foil so it doesn’t burn.

If you have carbs make it a very small childs portion and the smallest portion on your plate. The vegetables should be the largest portion then the protein then a tiny baby portion of carbs.

You can still enjoy pasta. Just have a small child’s portion with a portion of nice veg the size of your pasta then you won’t feel like you’ve missed out.