Posted by on Aug 2, 2012

Do you ever sit there at your computer staring at the screen thinking, I had lots of interesting things to say yesterday but today I can’t remember any of them, or what should I be writing in a blog, what’s it all about? Well you’re not alone, I think we all have days like this even if we don’t blog. It’s very easy to get bogged down with trying to be clever in your blog and interesting but I think the best tips I can give you for successful blogging are these:

Firstly always where possible, carry a small note book and pen. If, like me you’re prone to being a bit forgetful then when you have a light bulb moment or something interesting, funny, inspiring or you have an observation etc to share with the rest of us , then you’ll have your note pad and pen at the ready to jot it all down quickly before it disappears.

Secondly, be yourself, try and talk in your own unique way. People will connect with you more if you’re being yourself. They like to see the vulnerable side from time to time, it reminds them of themselves and they feel a connection to you.

And finally. Why not try and keep an eye out for a story that’s out there in the press or TV or a conversation you’ve had with some one that you found interesting. You could use that as your starting point to strike up a conversation on your blog. Today I had a conversation about bloggers block with a friend so I thought I would share my thoughts with you. Maybe you can try and link it to what you do in some way, particularly if you’re running your own business. For example in my business I help people to make a success of their lives so writing about overcoming bloggers block is my way of using my skills and sharing knowledge. Hopefully these few little tips will send you on your way to making a success of your blog.

This list is by no means exhaustive so if anyone has any good tips they want to add then please go for it, all ideas are welcome and very much appreciated.