Are you ready Yet!

Posted by on Dec 4, 2012

I was browsing through Amazon looking at books like you do and I stumbled upon this little book, “Keep Calm at Christmas.” Actually Amazon recommended it to me.  Seems like Amazon knows me very well!   Thought I would share it with you during this mad time most of us insist on putting ourselves through.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Christmas.  I still hold onto those child hood fantasies of Christmas with all its wonderful fluffy edges but as an adult and a mother Christmas signals struggling through the shops all wrapped up in your puffer coat and getting a bit too hot and bothered. By the time Christmas day arrives you’re left feeling too tired and broke and in need of a lay in which is not going to happen now is it?.

I do still believe of course in Father Christmas  and I wonder what Santa thinks of all this shopping and torture we put ourselves through. I’m sure he wouldn’t approve!

Anyway this light hearted book called Keep Calm at Christmas with its insights and advice may help you with your struggle and maybe give you a few chuckles along the way.  Only £3.74 bargain!