Anyone for a cuppa?

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012

I had a great brain storming meeting today with some fabulous women at a nice little cafe in Kingston. They’ve all recently set up their own businesses and believe it or not, in this current financial climate are making a success of it! It was a great opportunity to come together and bounce ideas off each other and discuss new ways of marketing and getting yourself out there. The saying that two heads are better than one really is true and the opportunity for a cup of tea is always a bonus.

Having someone to bounce ideas off and support you in your venture can make such a difference to your confidence and your motivation to succeed. We often get bogged down with one way of seeing things or thinking. A fresh pair of eyes can really open up your thinking and send you off down avenues and roads you hadn’t thought of. I could never get my head around networking and the whole social media thing but there’s a wealth of knowledge out there and networking is a great way of meeting like minded people who will actually recommend your business to others. If you haven’t dipped your toe in the networking arena then please do, it’s not as frightening as it may seem and they usually serve good coffee and cake too! And just remember, every one else is probably going to be as nervous as you. Mine’s white with no sugar please!