Please note that testimonials on this page relate to life coaching only.  I do not use testimonials for my work as a hypnotherapist or psychotherapist as many related therapy bodies see this as unethical.  Within the coaching community it is regarded as acceptable.


“…sometimes you have to revisit your past to go forward in life. Sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees. I was in that position and deeply unhappy. Being a client of Carolyne Ash-Brazier helped me go forward. I now have the ability to achieve my goals rather than just dream about them. Getting in touch with Carolyne was a big step and I now realise how lucky I was to have come across The Really Useful Life Coach advert. If it wasn’t for Carolyne I wouldn’t have gone on the correct path to achieve my college certificate as now I have a new career path and can truly say I am the happiest I have EVER been….”

Joanna McCormick , Mobile Hairdresser.

“I had a short series of coaching calls with Carolyne which have been very helpful. She helped me identify some areas that were holding me back and taking my business to the next level. She then helped me devise some strategies to shift these blocks. Carolyne has a warm, friendly manner and is indeed a “very useful coach.”

Felix Macintosh, Tigersonic

“Carolyne is amazing and has genuinely helped me; I gained huge conviction over how to deal with some aspects of work life. Carolyne helped me to put things in perspective or change them altogether always recognising, understanding and explaining the complexity of my thinking and actions.

Her coaching sessions worked because she trusted in me and allowed me to come up with the plans and the answers to a successful shift in the areas that needed to be considered a different way.

A big thank you to you Carolyne!”

Paula Martins Client Training Manager

“I went to see Carolyne to help me overcome a problem which had undermined me since my early teens. Whenever i had felt any heightened emotion such as being awkward, nervous,excited or angry i blushed bright red, not only on my face but down my neck and across my chest and back. It felt like i had been branded. I was always scared that it was going to happen and felt ashamed that i couldn’t conceal my emotions better. My sessions with Carolyne helped me to explore the underline causes of this embarrassing problem and together we worked on ways to overcome it. My friends noticed that i blushed far less frequently after only a few sessions and i now feel in control which is so liberating. I am extremely grateful for all Carolyne’s help and can recommend her confidently to anyone looking for help.”

Anne Marie Boyle, Teacher

“My sessions with Carolyne have been invaluable to me. She really understood where I was coming from and helped me find my strengths and realise my dreams. I can’t believe that I can finally call myself an actress. I’m motivated, confident and great things are starting to happen. I always look forward to my sessions with Carolyne…thank you, you’re a star!”

Sarah Abraham, Actress